Digital Transformation

Applying transformative technologies to drive growth and innovation


The internet creates global markets with minimal barriers to entry. To reach them takes delivery capability that can scale to global demands. To succeed, you need to embrace full digitisation across products, channels and processes, as well as advanced analytics to enable new operating models.

In this environment that is growing more complex by the day, business and IT leaders often struggle to realise value outcomes from digital transformation. They face significant challenges automating business processes and workloads across multiple platforms, and deploying new business models. These problems are augmented by complex integration requirements that often cross multiple environments including legacy, mobile and cloud.

What we do

Optimation’s Digital Transformation framework provides a pragmatic model for integrating digital platforms, automated process engines and data to drive effective change. This enables enterprises to:

  • Reach global markets and scale delivery capability to compete successfully
  • Rapidly develop and deploy new business models
  • Fully realise value outcomes from transformation initiatives
  • Aggregate and analyse local, regional and global data to make better strategic and operational decisions
  • Create a solution architecture that effectively supports digital products, services and channels
  • Leverage cloud and mobile technologies to enable staff and customers to engage with you anytime, anywhere

Key Capabilities

  • Building the business case for transformation, working with finance and business owners and with the IT function
  • Modelling and delivery of target solution architecture
  • Delivery and integration across enterprise, mobile, cloud and legacy platforms and data
  • Creating work programmes connected to business outcomes
  • Process automation simulation
  • HR and Business Change management

Business Benefits

  • Ensure transformation strategies deliver the desired value outcomes
  • Rapidly deploy new business models to improve customer service and drive profitability
  • Grow revenue and improve margins
  • Improve supply chain visibility and integration
  • Increase productivity and business efficiency
  • Better access to more reliable and timely information for staff, customers and decision makers
  • Reduce risk and ensure regulatory and/or standards compliance


Here's how our clients are benefiting from digital transformation.


We partnered with insurance industry experts Intelligent Life to design and deliver eLife, a transformative digital platform that is re-inventing the way life insurance companies distribute their products. eLife provides insurers operating in global markets with an online distribution platform incorporating electronic underwriting and straight through real-time processing. eLife transforms the way life insurance is purchased, reducing acquisition times from days or weeks to under 10 minutes and significantly reducing costs for consumers, agents and product distributors.


At Optimation, we combine our deep consulting expertise and broader practice capabilities with smart enabling technologies to deliver rapid innovation and improved business performance. Our technology partners include:

monitor tick

BPM and OPA deliver a full suite of business process and policy automation tools


Process Manager allows simulation and close integration with service bus technology

location map
Google Enterprise Geospatial

To enable discovery, integration and visualisation of location-based data for more complete business intelligence and richer insights

google search
Google Enterprise Search

Integrate information search and discovery across all your enterprise platforms and repositories

hierarchy map

An open-source BPM and workflow engine that allows users to define, execute and monitor business processes and also provides a process execution portal UI for employees

Google Cloud platform

• Build, test and deploy applications on Google’s highly-scalable and reliable infrastructure
• Services for web, mobile and backend solutions